Woman dies during her wedding ceremony forcing groom to marry her sister

A woman in India unfortunately passed away during her own wedding forcing the groom to marry her younger sister.

Surabhi, the bride, passed away after suffering a heart attack during her wedding ceremony.

The family members of Surabhi laid her body in the room next door as her husband to be was thinking what he should be doing next.

Manjesh Kumar, the groom, was in the middle of exchanging vows when his fiancé passed away right in front of him.

Doctors rushed to her but she was pronounced dead.

AJab Singh, the uncle of Surabhi, said that the family made the decision to have Kumar tie knots with the younger sister of Surabhi.

The family said that it was a tough call for them.

Singh went on:

One daughter lay dead in one room and the wedding of another daughter was being solemnised in the other room. We have never witnessed such mixed emotions. The grief over her death and the happiness of the wedding have yet to sink in.

Saurabh, the brother of the woman, said that they were left in complete shock after her sister passed away.

The brother added that they had no idea on what they would do.

Recalling the moment, he said:

Both the families sat together and someone suggested that my younger sister Nisha should be married to the groom. The families discussed the matter and both agreed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Saurabh, may the soul of her sister rest in peace. 

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