Woman Is Addicted To Eating Her Dead Husband’s Ashes

A 26-year-old woman is having a hard time getting rid of a bad habit.

Calsie, 26, says she can’t stop eating her late husband’s ashes.

She also s aid that she only eats the ashes of her husband.

During an episode in TLC’s My Strange Addiction, Casie said that she lost her husband Sean to a fatal asthma attack 2 years and 6 months after they met.

She said in the show that the world stopped turning for her after the death of her husband.

Casie then explained that she carries the ashes of her husband everywhere she goes.

She added:

I take my husband everywhere, to the grocery store, shopping, to the movies, out to eat, anywhere I go he goes.

Not only spending time with the ashes, but Casie has a bad habit of eating some of the remains of her husband.

She said in the show:

I guess with the transfer of his cremains some got into the cardboard box as well and that spilled out on my hands I didn’t want to wipe him off, that’s my husband I didn’t want to wipe him away so I just licked him off my fingers. And here I am today almost two months later and I can’t stop, I’m eating my husband.

Casie says she nibbles on the ashes around 5 to 6 times on a daily basis.

Explaining how she eats the ashes, she said:

First I lick my finger and I don’t just dip it in, I swirl around to get it caked on there good and then I just eat it. It tastes like rotten eggs, sand and sandpaper but I’ve grown to love that taste, it started off as not wanting to get rid of him and it’s progressed into eating him I’ve lost 42lbs since my husband passed away. Basically, the only thing I’m eating are his ashes.

Casie says eating the remains also leaves her with guilt.

She explained:

When I open up the urn I get a sense of happiness, it’s like an adrenaline rush for me and the more I eat the more excited I get until I realise there’s not a lot left. Then a few minutes later I feel horrible because I did it.  It makes me feel embarrassed, ashamed, disgusted with myself, confused, crazy – you gotta be a really sick person to eat someone’s ashes.

The 26-year-old woman is also concerned that she would one day completely eat the entire remains of her husband.

Talking about her bad habit, she said:

Knowing I already lost a pound [of the remains] is really hard because it’s going to run out soon and I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold it together. I have to stop eating him, I’ve lost him once, this time it’ll be my fault that I lose him again.

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