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Woman Wins $200,000 In Jackpot Following A $5,000 Win

Lucky, not once, but twice.

A woman from Nebraska, USA, is currently making headlines all over the internet for winning the lottery twice!

The woman reportedly won $200,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket, which is her second big lottery price.

She entered the new year with some extra cash.

Lucky woman eh?

Myrna Strain of Genoa told the Nebraska Lottery Officials that she went into AJ’s of Genoa to buy a drink and a scratch-off ticket.

She got the $20 Royal Richest Ticket.

Upon scratching off, she realized that she had won $200,000.

That’s the jackpot price.

The woman recently visited the lottery headquarters to collect a $5,000 price from a $2,000,000 Explosion scratch-off ticket in 2019.

Such a good win!

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