Young Fisherman Poses For Risky Pictures With Great White Shark Before Releasing It Back

An 18-year-old fisherman was caught on camera posing for risky pictures with a great white shark before releasing them back in the waters.

It was shared that the teenager reeled in a great white shark after half an hour of his rod out in the waters.

The fisherman has been identified as Tim Fairhurst.

The images were shared on “Timo the Fisho”, a Facebook page, earlier this week.

Tim later explained that he and his 2 friends were out on a boat in Bowentown, New Zealand, and were looking out for bronze whaler sharks.

However, they ended up catching something that was more powerful.

After reeling in the great white shark beside their boat, the team decided to tow it to shore on the Waihi beach for a closer look.

They then released the young one in accordance with the law that is place in the country.

In the post that was made on Facebook, Tim said:

What a wicked surprise we had in the weekend, something I didn’t think I’d ever catch! We made the trip over to Bowentown to have a crack at getting some bronzies. However it wasn’t a bronzie that we caught. We hooked what we thought was one and turns out to be a young great white! With Chloe on the wheel, Dan on the deckie work I was on the rod! After a solid fight and some awesome teamwork we had it boat side. Then we towed it into the beach to get a nice healthy release. We got our hook out and also got a flasher rig out of its mouth. Grabbed a few photos and sent it on its way home. What an epic experience for us all.

Luckily no one was injured in the incident.

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