1-month-old baby dies after contracting covid, 40 kids with severe symptoms admitted to LNJP Hospital of New Delhi

According to a heartbreaking report that was recently published by NDTV, a news agency in India, at least 40 kids with severe coronavirus symptoms were admitted in the LNJP (Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital) during the second wave in the country.

15 of the kids were aged below one.

Dr. Urmila Jhamb, the head of the paediatrics department of the hospital, confirmed the news.

However, they also said that the number of infections does not suggest that children have been infected in large numbers. 

Dr. Jhamb also talked about the third wave, saying that anything can happen in that event. 

Right now, around 400 children suffering from coronavirus were admitted to the facility from March to December of last year. 

Dr. Jhamb added: 

During the second wave of coronavirus, starting April 1, the hospital has recorded around 40 cases of severe infection among children so far. Of these, around 15 were aged below one. We admitted only severe cases, those who required oxygen or ventilator, this time. That’s why the number seems low (compared to last year).

The hospital is the largest run by the Delhi Government.

The hospital has reported 75 cases of infection among children since January of this year. 

They also shared a heartbreaking story this month.

Dr. Jhamb said that a 1-month-old baby that got the virus died due to severe dehydration earlier this month.

Talking about the baby, she said:

We couldn’t do much. The child passed away two hours after he was brought to the hospital.

When she was asked on how the third wave could impact children, Dr. Jhamb said that data collected during this ongoing 2nd wave does not suggest that kids have been affected in a huge way.

She went on:

It doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the third wave. It looks less likely, but we cannot predict.

Young adults were the most affected during the second wave of covid in India.

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