40-Year-Old Dad Dies After Saving 6-Year-Old Daughter From Drowning

A 40-year-old father from Tennessee, USA, passed away after they saved their 6-year-old daughter from drowning during a jet ski accident.

According to reports, the father kept his daughter save after a jet ski accident.

Jose Manuel Alatorre and his 6-year-old daughter were preparing to ride a jet ski on Percy Priest Lake when they both fell into the water.

A statement by the Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency said that Alatorre and his daughter were not wearing a life jacket when the incident happened.

According to a witness, Alatorre tread water long enough to help keep his daughter safe.

A group of kayakers retrieved her.

The Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency said:

Kayakers on the bank were able to paddle out to her and bring her to safety. She was assessed by Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services and released into the care of her mother.

ALatorre disappeared under the water’s surface.

A nearby boater attempted to find him but they were unsuccessful.

Later that night, he was found dead.

A GoFundMe was started to raise money for the funeral service of the hero father.

Other funds are going to go towards the 6-year-old girl.

The page says:

He paid the ultimate price saving his daughter’s life. His last act of selflessness does not surprise me. Manuel put others’ lives in front of his own and helped so many people during his 40 years of life on this earth. He was a great father, uncle, son, brother, and friend. This is a tough loss for everyone who knew him. He would have known what to do and say during situations like this.

You can donate by clicking here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the father, may his soul rest in peace.

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