77-Year-Old Retired Fire Department Captain Shoots And Kills Armed Robber At Chicago Home

A 77-year-old retired Chicago Fire Department captain shot and killed an armed robber who tried to take his items.

The incident happened in Chicago on Saturday, said a report by the Chicago Tribune.

The former captain, who retired from the department around 15 years ago used a valid firearm.

He also has a valid firearm owners identification card and concealed-carry license.

The weapon that he used was inside his garage on East 89th near MLK in the Burnside neighborhood when the incident took place.

Larry Langford, the spokesperson for the Chicago Police and CFD, said that the armed robber drove up to his house, got out of the vehicle that they were driving and started to demand for the things that they owned.

The retired captain, who was not named, retrieved his own gun, which was on him at the time of the robbery.

The captain ended up shooting the assailant in the head and chest, who was pronounced dead at the scene, said the police.

The robber too, was not named by the Chicago police.

The 77-year-old retired Chicago Fire Department captain was not injured in the incident.

Both the retired fire captain and the robber’s guns were found on scene. 3

The Chicago police confirmed that the mand had a valid firearm owners identification card and a concealed carry license.

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