Adorable panda twins roll around in the snow with their mother

2 adorable panda twins were caught on camera rolling around in the snow with their mother and the images of the incident are just amazing.

With their fluffy black and white fur, the pandas were looking like pure teddy bears.

The twin pandas, who are 18 months old, were caught on camera playing in the zoo in Belgium.

The incident happened at the Pairi Daiza Zoo, which is located in Brugelette, Belgium.

Here are some amazing pictures of the pandas playing:

Bao Di and Bao Mei, which means Baby Girl and Baby Boy in Chinese, were born at the zoo in August of last year.

According to official reports, the snow that they were pictured in was the first one that they have ever experienced in their life.

Hao Hao, the mother of the animals, was also with them when the little one were playing in their first ever snow.

Keeper Yang Liu, who is also the carer of the animals, said:

Pandas live in the mountains and in Sichuan, the mountains in the winter have very, very big snow… this snow, for pandas, is not so cold.

The names of the pandas, which are Bao Di and Bao Mei, were chosen by the public in an online poll.

They were unveiled in a ceremony in November of 2019, which was 100 days after their birth.

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