Armed “religious men” chop off man’s hand with sword before stealing his money

Amritsar, Punjab: Robbers that reportedly belong to a religious group chopped off a man’s hand with a sword before stealing the money that he was carrying.

The incident happened in Amritsar, Punjab.

Ankit, the victim, was rushed to a private hospital, where a surgery was carried out.

Authorities told the media that the surgery was carried to stitch back his hand.

Authorities did not reveal if the surgery was a success.

The incident reportedly happened near the Nangali Village on the outskirts of Amritsar.

One of the robbers was reportedly wearing a Nihang attire.

The person that was wearing the Nihang attire was the one that chopped off the hand of the man,

There was only RS. 1500 in the bag that got stolen.

The victim works as an accountant for a private finance company.

The entire incident was caught on camera.

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