Massive snake with 100 teeth found hiding in kitchen roof

A massive snake with around 100 teeth was found hiding in the roof of a kitchen, leaving home owners in complete shock.

The snake was later identified as a coastal carpet python.

The snake was 3 meters long, 80 kilograms heavy, and had around 100 teeth.

It was found slithering in the roof at The Gap, north west of Brisbane, Australia.

Terrified residents called the authorities after they heard noises coming from above them.

38-year-old Steve Brown, a snake catcher, caught the snake by using a hairdryer and a piece of plastic.

Brown works with the Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation.

Talking about the snake, he said:

The owners were watching TV [and] heard a noise, and when they went to inspect [the noise they] came across the big guy.

The snake was caught and was released back into a bushland far away from roads and houses.

Carpet pythons are not venomous, however, their size and aggressive personality can make the, the deadliest in the wild.

They also posses a mean set of teeth.

Talking about this snake, he went on:

Even though it’s non-venomous, a bite from one of these guys this size can do some damage as they have almost 100 teeth.

Such snakes are commonly found in Australia.

They are also found in the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago and Australia.

Such massive snakes are known to attack humans.

They are easily capable of eating birds, cats, and even dogs.

The scariest thing about this snake was that it was not even in the full size.

Carpet pythons are capable of growing up to 4 meters long.

Snakes are known to come out during summertime because of hot temperatures.

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