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Australian Woman Wins $1 Million For Getting Coronavirus Vaccine

A woman from Australia has won $1 million after they got the coronavirus vaccine.

Millions of Australians got the jab after the government announced that they would be awarding someone that gets the vaccine.

1 million dollars were offered to any Australia who rolled up their sleeve to get the vaccine.

The winner was announced over the weekend.

Joanne Zhu was crowned as the major prize winner and she was handed a big fat check, which she later showed off.

The price was created by a group of philanthropists and companies with hopes of getting more Australians to get vaccinated.

 Zhu was amongst nearly 3 million people who wrote their name in “The Million Dollar Vax Alliance”.

When they called to tell her that she had one, she missed the first call because she was at work.

Recalling it, she said:

Then I called them back and she said: “Oh, you won a million dollars! You’re the only one in Australia’.

Zhu also talked about her plans with the million dollars that she had one.

She said:

I want to fly my family out from China first class and put them up in a five star hotel for Chinese New Year if the borders are open. I will buy presents for my family and invest the rest of the money so I can make more money in the future and to help people if they need help.

Million Dollar Vax’s Craig Winkler released a statement about the price.

He said:

All of us behind the campaign are incredibly proud of what it has achieved; it’s excellent to finally announce the winner and hearing their reaction was truly priceless. The most encouraging element was the late increase in entries from states such as South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia, encouragingly receiving over 100,000 entries on the final day of the campaign.

What would you do if you won? Let us know what you would do with the money by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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