Bear Attacks Pregnant Trainer In Front Of Children At Russian Circus

A savage brown bear in Russia was caught o n camera attacking its pregnant trainer as children watched with their parents in horror.

During the incident, the woman was reportedly taken to the ground by the performing bear as two men fought the animal to save the pregnant trainer.

A witness, who was not named, said that the male bear did not back off despite multiple blows with a whip.

The good news though, despite the horrifying incident, is that the injured trainer suffered bruises and cuts, and her unborn child was not harmed.

The witness said that the audience believes that the bear attacked her because of the baby that she was carrying.

The circus performer, who was in blood after the incident, was rushed to a hospital in the city of Oryol, Western Russia.

Talking about the incident, the trainer said:

I literally have two scratches and a slight bruise on my leg. With the animal, too, everything is fine, and my baby, all is normal. Perhaps it was jealousy to some extent, since I am pregnant. There can be many nuances.  I will, of course, deal with this incident with more experienced colleagues. At the moment, the bear behaves to me the same way as usual. It behaves affectionately and fondly again as if nothing happened.

A local report in Russia claims that the trainer and the bear made up after the attack with a hug.

The bear who attacked the pregnant woman has been banned from performing.

It is unclear when the bear will return.

The Russian Investigative Committee has launched an official probe for the incident.

By Pei Yong

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