Crystal Meth Addict Pretends To Be Police To Raid Another Drug User’s House

A crystal meth addict in Australia recently pretended to be the police to raid another drug user’s house.

According to a report by the LadBible, Daniel Thomas, a drug user, stormed the house in Melbourne’s east suburbs.

During the raid, he said:

This is a police raid. Get on the floor face down. Where are your drugs?

The two men in the house then handed over their stash of crystal meth and cannabis.

The thing is, Thomas, who is 36, beat one of the men in the house with a hammer until they passed out.

The other man was also hit around the head with the hammer and his buttocks were spread to check for drugs.

When the police came, they saw the bloodied scene and started to take images of their bodies beleivign that they were dead.

The emergency personnel were called after one of the men moved.

The raid originally took place on July 25, 2016, however, Thomas was jailed officially on September of 2019.

The judge in the Supreme Court in Victoria gave him 11 years and 6 months of prison time.

Thomas pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and a series of other charges.

Thomas would be allowed for parole if he serves 9 years in prison.

When the police originally tracked down Thomas, he resisted arrest and lunged at a police officer with a knife.

He also shouted:

You come near me you f****** dog c*** and I’ll stab you in the f****** head and kill you.

Thomas had been injecting a couple of grams of meth a day when he was arrested.

The police believe he was also using heroin and cannabis at the time of his arrest.

Thomas is almost blind in one eye after being born with a squint and sustaining a head injury, which is believed to have occurred when he was hit on his head with a cricket bat in a road rage accident.

Both of the victims of Thomas during the raid have been left unable to work since the incident.

They are also expected to suffer lifelong complications.

By Pei Yong

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