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Dentistry Student Shares Story Of Being Raised By Father With Down Syndrome

A dentistry student from Syria recently opened up and shared his amazing story, saying that he was raised by his father who has Down Syndrome.

Sadder Issa, a student in Syria, said that Jad, his father, is shattering common misconception about t hose that have the Down Syndrome.

Jad raised his son with devotion and gave him love along with never leaving his side.

While speaking to the Syrian Society for Social Development, Sader talked about his father.

He told them:

My father has Down Syndrome. He was a father, a husband, a family leader for 21 years. This is a challenge for many people and many people cannot do this. But for my father, it was easy. A child who grows up in the lab of a person with Down Syndrome will have all the love and tenderness that anyone can offer. This will lead up to a person who has an emotional and social balance and is able to achieve anything he wants. For me, if I could choose who my father is, I wouldn’t think of someone else and I’m proud of him the same way he is proud of me.

Sader revealed that his father has helped him out in a lot of things.

He added:

During my studies, he was the biggest supporter economically, psychologically, and in all respects.

He also talked about how people believe that a person with Down Syndrome would end up depending on the community.

The thing is, Jad never did, and he worked hard to do everything and did everything on his own.

The dentistry student said that his father’s dedication has helped him a lot to do great in life.

He also said that he wanted his dad to be proud of the man that he had raised.

Talking about the marriage of his parents, Sader said that their relationship is natural.

He explained:

Their relationship with each other is a natural relationship between any possible couple. They may disagree sometimes or not. They’re having a life full of love, simplicity, and humility in all respects.

Jad said he is proud of his son.

Talking about his father, Sader says that his dad always talk about the fact that his son is a doctor.

Sader explained:

One of the things I’m proud of is when he introduces me to a new person for the first time and he says, ‘My son is a doctor.’ You can see the pride and joy in his eyes. It’s like he’s saying, ‘I have Down Syndrome, but I raised my son and did everything to help him become a doctor who treats people. I’m proud of him.

While speaking with the Syrian Society for Social Development, Sader talked about how people unfairly look at those that have down syndrome.

He said:

For many people, the idea of a woman pregnant with a Down Syndrome baby may be the worst scenario. You can expect a possible resorting to abortion. If my grandmother was convinced of this idea, I wouldn’t be here with you.

Such an amazing story, right?

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