Loyal Dogs Refused To Leave Side Of Sick Owner So Healthcare Workers Decided To Bring Them Along In An Ambulance

A dog is a man’s bestfriend and this story might be a perfect example for that saying.

On November 1 this year, Bob and Chiara refused to leave the side of their sick owner, who was about to be brought to a hospital inside an ambulance.

The dogs were so caring that they just did not leave his side, which left the ambulance workers with no other choice but to bring the dogs along with hem.

The recyclable collector José Antônio Pereira, 47, was rescued by professionals from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) in Bauru, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil when he was found lying on the ground.

Pereira was found on lying on the ground by Josy Plana, an ambulance driver, and Maria de Lourdes Pereira, a nursing technician.

The ambulance workers had a hard time getting close to Jose because the dogs were protecting him and were not moving away.

The ambulance workers ended up calming the dogs first so they could provide first aid to Jose.

The dogs stood by their owner the entire time to make sure that he was okay.

Josy and Maria had to bring Jose to the hospital because of the condition that he was in.

They also had another tough decision to make, which was to bring the dogs with them because they were not leaving the side of Jose.

After Jose was brought to the hospital, the 2 dogs were left outside the door of the emergency room and spent the entire night waiting for their owner.

A day after being admitted to the hospital, Jose was discharged and was able to meet his faithful friends again.

Such an amazing story, right?

What are your thoughts on Bob and Chiara refusing to leave the side of their sick owner? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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