Doctors Remove 48 Centimeter Hairball From Teen’s Stomach With Rapunzel Syndrome

A 17-year-old teenager from the United Kingdom who had the Rapunzel Syndrome ended up developing a 48 centimetre hairball, which had to be removed via surgery.

The teenager, who is just 17, ate her own hair, which developed into a massive hairball.

It got so big that it ended up filling her stomach and had tore through her stomach ball.

The ball was 48 centimetres big and had filled her stomach, said a report published in the BMJ Case Reports.

The teen was diagnosed with the Rapunzel Syndrome, which is an extremely rare intestine condition that is a result of humans digesting hair.

The patient was taken to the hospital after she fainted twice.

She had bruising on her face and scalp.

There was also swelling in her upper abdomen and they ruled out that a head injury was to blame.

The woman said that she had pain in her stomach, which was just getting worst and worst.

A CT scan was ordered and it revealed that there was a large mass inside her, which had tore the lining of the stomach.

The authors of the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, UK, said that the teen had a history of Trichotillomania, an urge that makes a person eat their own hair.

The hair was so large that it had blocked the stomach of the teenager and had torn the lining of the stomach.

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