Woman Films Herself Digging Up Dead Cat Named “Lucifer” And Cooking It

A woman named Azealia Banks has left her fans extremely concerned after she was caught on cam digging up and cooking Lucifer, her deceased cat. She caught the entire incident on camera and shared it on Instagram. Banks, a 29-year-old rapper, uploaded a series of pictures and videos of the entire incident, which showed her […]


Indian Villagers Carry Corpse Of Farm Laborer To Bank So They Could Withdraw Funeral Money

Villages in India carried the corpse of a farm laborer to a bank so they could withdraw his funeral money. Yes, that happened. The corpse of 55-year-old Mahesh Yadav was brought to a bank by his neighbors who were demanding money for his cremation. According to reports, the 55-year-old laborer passed away in a village […]


Geraint Hopkins, the ‘snakeman’, turns house into zoo where 120 snakes, 70 spiders, cockroaches, and lizards live with him

Geraint Hopkins, who is also called by many people as the snakeman, has turned his entire house into a zoo. Inside his house, 120 snakes, 70 spiders, a bunch of geckos, frogs, and hedgehogs live. There are other animals living inside too! Inside his house, which is located in Llanelli, is also filled with lizards, […]