Dog Trapped In Car Engine That Was Traveling 62MPH Escapes Unharmed After Hearing Howls

God knows how this pet dog survived.

Before running your car, open up your bonnet, make sure you check it out and establish that there is now wild animal there.

A dog that got trapped in the engine of a car that was travelling at 62 miles per hour managed to escape the incident unharmed.

Diesel, an 18-month-old Jack Russell, was rescued without any injuries after his owner heard howls coming from the bonnet of his SUV.

The man was reportedly driving his SUV at around 100 kilometres along the Hunter Expressway in New South Wales, Australia.

It still remains a mystery on how the dog managed to stay inside the engine for that long.

After hearing the dog, the man and his wife pulled over and called the emergency services.

Firefighters from a station in Braxton took 30 minutes to free the puppy.

Luckily, the dog was not injured when the incident happened.

The incident was posted on Fire and Recue New South Wale’s Facebook.

It went viral right away.

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