Drunk Russian Man Pushes Car He Stole After Realizing He Can’t Drive

You’ve ever been so drunk that you decide to do something just to realize that you cannot actually do it? Nope, right? Well, a Russian man did.

A man from Russia, who was not named by the authorities, cut a hole through the roof of a garage and stole a car that was parked inside it.

The thing is, instead of driving the car, the man had to push the vehicle after realizing that he does not know how to drive.

The incident was discovered by the authorities after the local police in Kemerovo region, Russia, noticed a man sitting in a vehicle that was parked in front of a café.

While asking what he was doing there, the man had no idea what he was doing. Not only that, but the police said that he had no driver’s license and did not have registration for the vehicle in his possession.

He also exhibited signs of intoxication.

The police arrested the man and brought him to a local police station jail.

A local, who owned the vehicle, then came to the police station to report that their vehicle had been stolen.

Preliminary investigations confirmed that the drunken, unidentified man had drilled a hole into the ceiling of the other man’s garage in order to steal the vehicle.

The car thief, who was not named by the authorities for some reason, faces up to 6 years in Russian jail for carrying out robbery.

By Pei Yong

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