Elephant Mother Stamps Crocodile To Death After Beast Tried To Kill Her Calf

A massive elephant was caught on camera stamping over a crocodile to death in front of a safari group in Zambia after it reportedly tried to kill her calf.

Hans Henrik Haahr, a tourist, caught the entire moment on camera.

In the images that were shared by a group, the elephant could be seen holding down the croc and stamping over it before twisting its tail.

The crocodile, which experts believe is around 8 to 10 feet long, was left dead or severely injured, said a worker from the Baines’ River Camp.

In a statement that they released on social media, they said:

Guests witnessed this dramatic sighting unfold between two of Africa’s most feared mega-fauna. Perhaps this was a revenge attack fueled by previous ambush attempts by many a crocodile on her young or the greater herd. Whatever it was, this cow was here with one intention only. While this footage might be difficult to watch, it demonstrates just how raw and tough life is in the bush.

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