Dubai Man Arrested For Stealing Highly Valued Camel For Girlfriend’s Birthday Gift

Stupid things lovers do to show their love.

A man from Dubai wanted to do something special for his girlfriend, but little did he know that he would end up in jail.

It was reported that the man stole a highly valuable newborn camel as a gift for his girlfriend, which led him to be arrested by the very strict Emirati Police.

It was reported by a local National Newspaper that the theft was reported by the owners of the baby camel earlier this month.

The Dubai police carried out a search in the area, which led them to some clues.

The police managed to go to the man’s place and when the police started the investigation, he told the police that the camel had wandered onto his farm.

He later confessed to his crime.

He said he trespassed his neighbour’s farm while looking to steal a rare breed of camel.

He went to steal the newborn camel because he could not find an adult camel.

The camel was returned to its original owners.

The man was arrested along with his girlfriend on charges of theft and making a false statement.

The real name of the man was not revealed by the authorities.

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