Exorcist Claims Tattoos Of Demons Can Lead To People Getting Possessed

A leading exorcist in the United States of America is claiming that people who have tattoos of the devil on their bodies are more likely to get possessed.

Not only that, but they said that people who have tattooed themselves with images of the devil are incredibly stupid.

A qualified psychiatrist, Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, is an diocesan exorcist and has been doing it for more than 12 years.

In a book that was published this year, he talked about some of the day-to-day experiences that he had in the recent years.

He said in the ‘Diary of an American Exorcist – Demons, Possession, and the Modern-Day Battle Against Ancient Evil’ that a young man claimed to be possessed after having the likeness of a demon that was tattooed on his arm.

The monsignor suggested that demonic possession through tattoos are common.

He said that he had more than one coming to him with the problem.

During an interview with DailyStar, Stephen said that the image that the man had was the “Aka Manah”.

He explained:

That’s Aka Manah, it’s a demon and he and his little cult friends were all into this cult of Aka Manah, and had a lot of occult knowledge about people they were attacking, including one of my clients. And it was very evil.

Aka Manah was founded in Zoroastrian mythology and is believed to be a demon of sensual desire.

In another reference that he made was about a man that had a tattoo of an upside down cross.

Talking about that case, he said:

Essentially, Satan is claiming this person by this upside down cross. What the people do when they put demons on their arm, they’re basically saying, ‘I’m a cow’, in terms of this guy is a pastor, ‘I basically belong to this demon’. So it’s incredibly stupid. You’re basically saying ‘I belong to the dark world and to these demons’.

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