Woman Who Convinced Her Husband He Had “Alzheimer’s For 20 Years” Is Arrested

A woman from Connecticut, USA, who convinced her husband that he has the Alzheimer’s disease for 2 decades as part of a long-con has been arrested by the authorities.

Donna Marino, 63, has been stealing from her husband since 1999

The East Haven Police said that he managed to forge his signature on pension checks, social security checks, worker’s compensation, legal documents and other settlements.

She stashed all the money in a secret bank account.

 During their time together, Marino controlled all the finances.

Marino is also accused of gaining a power of attorney for her husband by using a friend, who works as a notary public, to sign a legal document when he was not around.

They also filed taxes in his name without his knowledge, said the police.

The police also said that the wife convinced him that he had the Alzheimer’s disease.

In this disease, brain cell connections and the cells themselves degenerate and die, eventually destroying memory and other important mental functions. Memory loss and confusion are the main symptoms.

Because he was convinced that he had Alzheimer’s, the husband said he never felt the need to make sure that his finances were all in order.

Marino stole a number of husband’s belongings, which includes collectable coins and jewelry.

She told the police that she used the stolen money to help family members with everyday bills and groceries.

Last years, amid having concerns from other family members, the husband went to the police.

He told them about a large-scale fraud, along with a divorce.

The police issued a warrant of her arrested, however, she turned herself in on October 27, 2021.

Marino appeared in a court and is charged with first-degree larceny and third-degree forgery, and is being held on a $25,000 bond.

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