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Family of 96-year-old Indian woman who beat COVID says “willingness to live” helped her during treatment

A 96-year-old woman from New Delhi has beaten the coronavirus and now she’s revealing her secret to help others.

Pushpa Sharma, the woman, recovered after getting the virus and now, she is the hot topic around her area.

Her family members, who got the virus too, said that the willpower of the woman and the positive atmosphere at their house helped them beat the virus.

The elderly woman lives with 67-year-old Arun Kumar, her son, and Meena, her daughter in law.

They live in Naveen Shahdara and the family tested positive for the infection on April 18, 2021.

She received treatment from their house.

Kunal, her 35 year old grandson, said that doctors confirmed her recovery on May 9, 2021, after tests.

During an interview with PTI, Kunal said:

The second wave was already there and the condition in Delhi hospitals did not look good either. The scarcity of resources was known to everyone. So, we decided to keep her at home only and consulted doctors. She (Ms Sharma) was not much aware of the severity of her condition but would moan because of pain, fever and weakness. But my father made sure that we had a positive ambiance at home along with medicines. He did this notwithstanding the fact that he and my mother, too were down with the infection.

On April 27, 2021, her CRP (C-reactive protein) test showed that there was still infection inside her. But on another test, which was carried out on May 9, 2021, the test results only showed 4, which means no infection.

She was then declared COVID-free by the doctors.

Locals have been motivated after hearing the story of Ms Sharma, considering that she is nearing her 100s.

Nandini, a local, said that the elderly woman is like a grandmother to her.

She said:

We were shocked and had almost lost hope as other family members were also COVID positive and quite low. But Chaai ji has fought the virus wonderfully well and hats off to her, to her willpower and spirit of not giving up. Her willingness to live has inspired many to not panic and keep the fight up against the coronavirus.

Gaurav Mahesh Gupta, a Shahdara Resident, said that the recovery of Ms Sharma is a blessing from the man up above.

Right now, the family of Ms Sharma said that they are continuously getting calls and congratulatory messages.

The area where Ms Sharma lives is a red zone for the virus.

Shahdara currently has around 350 active coronavirus cases.

The good news comes amidst a heart-breaking time in the country.

India is currently registering around 350,000 cases on a daily basis and has registered over 260,000 deaths so far.

The country is amidst a massive health crisis, where most of the covid-19 patients are not receiving basic medical treatment.

Multiple states have announced that there have been massive oxygen shortages along with medicines throughout their areas.

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