FBI Pedophile-Hunter Who Investigated Crimes Against Children Turns Out To Be Pedophile

An FBI pedophile-hunter who was responsible for investigating crimes against children turned out that he was one of them.

David Harris, an FBI Special Agent, investigated numerous crimes during his career with the agency.

It is said that Agent Harris investigated crimes against children, including child pornography while committing his own vile predatory acts.

51-year-old Harris has been charged with indecency with a child, crime against nature, and sexual battery.

He was charged after an investigation that covered three states of Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.

A judge investigating his case declared him a threat to the public at large.

He is currently being held without a bond following his arrest in Ascension Parish, Louisiana earlier this year.

KETK-TV obtained a copy of court documents that left details regarding the arrest of Harris.

The report said that Harris was a colonel in the United States of America’s Army Reserve.

He was first placed under the spotlight when a man reported to the Army investigators that the FBI agent was having an affair with his wife.

Police interviews that happened after the claims led to the evidence of Harris exposing himself to girls that are aged 13 and 14 on multiple occasions in the years 2018 and 2019.

the FBI agent was found to have skinny-dipped in front of the girls.

When he was confronted, the FBI agent apologized and said that he was drunk when the incidents happened.

The complainant whose family went on holiday with Harris said that one of the victims was his own daughter.

The daughter of the complainant called the agent a pedophile and described a time when Harris stripped naked below the waist and climbed into the bed with her.

The little victim then yelled for help, which forced the agent to jump out of the bed and get dressed.

Harris was drunk most of the time, said the 13-year-old victim.

The FBI agent was having an affair with Harris when they were trying to get physical with the 13-year-old girl.

Talking about the incident, Harris told the mother if the girl that he had a desire to be nude in front of people, especially in public spaces.

He also said that his wife is totally used to of seeing him nude all the time.

During the holiday that he was on with the family of the little girl, the mother of the victim blasted the agent for staring at the teen girls while they were wearing bikinis.

A day after he was blasted by the mother, the woman texted Harris about planning a sexual encounter with her former nanny.

She told him that he should not be creepy with teenagers and said that the nanny was legal and more age appropriate for the funs that they were planning.

The warrant of Harris was signed on June 30 by a judge in Smith County, Texas.

His bail is set at $1 million.

FBI officials have declined to answer questions about his employment status.

However, they did say that the agency is fully cooperating in the matter.

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