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Filipino Domestic Worker In Hong-Kong Inherits More Than $490,000 In Assets From Late Employers

A domestic worker in Hong-Kong has inherited over $490,000 in assets from her late employers.

Daisy Bucad-Eng, a former domestic worker in Hong-Kong, became a millionaire after she inherited around 25 million from her late employers.

Daisy said she was raised in the mountain province in the Philippines and got married at around 16, when she gave birth to her first baby.

Because of the responsibilities on her, she had to sell salt in Besao.

During an interview with GMA Philippines, she said that she earned around 100 to 200 pesos a day from selling salt.

Because she was not meeting ends, she decided to work as a domestic worker in Hongkong.

The thing is, she had a pretty hard time in Hong Kong.

During the interview, Daisy said that she only slept for 3 to 4 hours per day because of the intensive  work and the worst part is that she was extremely far from her children.

Her heart was broken into pieces after finding out that her children would end up picking up trash on the street and would sometimes sleep in the jeep.

After she was told about the happenings with her children, Daisy said she hid under the table and started to cry.

Things changed right away when Daisy met an old Portuguese named Marie, who paid her around $900 HK dollars per month.

She also treated her as her own family.

Not only that, but when Daisy went back to the Philippines, Marie went with her and roamed the Philippines.

The thing is, Marie passed away and left a void in the heart of Daisy.

Daisy said she served  Marie for 11 years and when she passed away, she was given a letter.

In the letter, it was Marie’s last will, which included Daisy.

Marie gave Daisy an apartment that is worth around 25 million pesos, which is around $490,000.

She said the will contained stocks of different big named companies.

After receiving the inheritance from Marie, Daisy built a pretty big building with a penthouse in the Mountain Province in the Philippines.

Her penthoause has a gym, rental space and other businesses that bring her revenue.

In memory of Marie, she made a memorial statue inside her penthouse.

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