Florida Burglar Tells Judge “You Is So Gorgeous” During Virtual Court Hearing

A man from Florida, USA, was caught on camera telling a judge that she was so gorgeous during a virtual court hearing.

The man is reportedly  facing an attempted burglary charge.

Demetrius Lewis was caught on camera flirting with Broward County Judge Tabitha Blackmon via a Zoom hearing on Thursday.

The man reportedly tried to break into a Fort Lauderdale home.

A video of the hearing is currently viral on social media right now.

In the  video, the burglar could be heard asking the judge how she was doing.

Yep, just like how Joey from Friends does it, “How you doin?”

The man then says:

Judge, you is so gorgeous…I just have to tell you, you’re gorgeous.

Lewis also told the judge that he loves her.

Blackmon was amused by the remarks, but her reply just showed that there is no one above the law, not even her.

She told the man: ‘Alright Mr. Lewis. Flattery will get you everywhere. But maybe not here.’

The man’s kind words did not get him anywhere, instead, he was set to be held on a $5,000 bond.

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