Florida man proposes to girlfriend using engagement ring that he stole from his other lover

A man from Florida, USA, proposed to his girlfriend by using an engagement ring that he stole from his other lover.

Yep, things happen.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies said that they issued a warrant of arrest for 48-year-old Joseph Davis.

He was not found as of Friday.

The investigation started earlier this year when a woman from Orange City, Florida, told the authorities that she discovered that her boyfriend was engaged to someone else.

When she looked up the Facebook page of the fiancé, she noticed that she was wearing the engagement ring that she owns.

After checking her jewellery box, she noticed that her rings were missing along with other things.

A diamond ring that belonged to her grandmother was also stolen.

The police said that the boyfriend had stolen jewellery worth around $6,270.

Orange County is located halfway between Orlando and Daytona Beach.

The woman reached out to the fiancé, who returned some of the items.

The 2 women called it off with Davis, who was known by many as Joe Brown and Marcus Brown, his aliases.

The other fiancé of Brown, currently living in Orlando, told detectives that she had been duped too.

Davis also took the other fiancé to the house of the woman that loves in Orange City when she was at work and told her that it was his.

He then asked the fiancé to move in with him, but after some time, he disappeared.

The fiancé discovered that her laptop and jewellery were missing.

The women did not have his real name, but the women did remember that he had a relative in North Carolina, who the detectives tracked down.

Davis currently has an active arrest warrant for a hit-and-run crash with injuries in Oregon, USA.

He has also been arrested for having cocaine with intent to sell, domestic assault, and possession of false identification along with filing a false police report.

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