Google Maps User Finds Massive UFO Mothership Over Florida

Are aliens real? Do you believe in them? Do you think they live with us?

A person might have just proved that they are visiting us.

A giant extra terrestrial mothership was spotted by a internet users roaming over Florida, USA, on Google Maps and the internet is going mad over it.

A stunned reddit user shared the amazing image on the platform.

It shows an alien mothership emerging out of the sky.

The user said that he caught the picture as he was going through areas of Ocopee, Florida.

He shared the images on Google Map Shenanigans, a subreddit.

The picture left users baffled and scratching their heads.

But people were quick to point out that the incident was actually a result of something more natural, not extra terrestrial.

It was later pointed out that the unidentified flying object in the picture was actually a butterfly that got in the way.

With its bright colors, it looked like it was a UFO.

What are your thoughts about the UFO looking object? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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