Goose Shows Off Unique Skill After Flying Upside Down

“It’s my time to shine”, probably the goose.

A goose was recently caught showing off their amazing flying skills.

In images that went viral on social media, the goose was seen flying upside down.

According to experts who studies the picture, the goose flying upside down was trying to show off to their friends.

The picture of the goose was taken by amateur photographer Vincent Cornelissen, who later shared the picture on their Instagram page.

The goose was cruising upside down when the picture was taken and it caused a lot of confusion on social media.

The incident happened in Arnhem, Netherlands in March of 2021.

Users ended up asking questions such as if the bird had a medical condition or why the bird was doing it.

Vincent, the photographer, said that young dark gray-brown bean goose was fine and was just trying to impress its friends with new tricks it had just earned. 

Talking about the goose flying upside down, he said:

They do it to brag to their peers. Like, look at me! There was even a professor from Istanbul University who edited my photo with arrows to teach his students about aerodynamics.

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