Gorilla Is Pictured Enjoying Moment Being Surrounded By Butterflies

A female gorilla was pictured enjoying the moment she was surrounded by a lot of butterflies.

Malui, a Giant Western Lowland Gorilla, was roaming through the Central African Republic’s dense Dzanga-Sangha Forest when she encountered the fluttering butterflies.

The gorilla is around 25 years old.

At first, the gorilla sniffed at the swarm and charged through the middle, which covered her head in disbelief.

The gorilla lives in the Dzanga Sangha Special Dense Forest Reserve, which was established in 1990 and covers 6865.54 km.

The forest reserve is home to indigenous Baka Pygmy Tribes and many other unique African animal and plant species.

The gorillas are neighbors with the butterflies.

Adult female gorillas like Malui are capable of weighing between 150lbs to 250lbs. 

Their strength is so unmatched that it is believed to be 6 times more powerful than the adult human.

The same image has taken the grand prize in a renowned photography competition.  

According to DailyMail, UK photographer Anup Shah took the shot and triumphed over 100,190 entries from 158 countries to take the top prize in The Nature Conservancy’s 2021 photo contest.

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