55-Year-Old Indian Woman Fights Off Leopard With Walking Stick

A video that is viral on social media right now shows the moment a 55-year-old woman from India fought off a leopard with the walking stick that she was using.

In the CCTV video that captured the entire incident, the woman could be seen being attacked by a leopard while sitting on her balcony.

She miraculously managed to fend it off using just her walking stick.

You can watch the full video here:

The survivor has been identified as Nirmala Devi Singh.

Devi was sitting outside her house in Maharashtra, India, relaxing on her balcony when the incident happened.

She said she was unaware that the big cat was approaching her.

In the video, you can see the leopard prowling around the outside of the property before moving towards her.

When Devi turned around, the leopard leaped towards her.

The woman tumbled to the ground and used her walking stick to whack the leopard with hopes of scaring it away.

Luckily, everything worked out properly.

The leopard continued to claw at Devi but backed off eventually.

After the attack, she asked for help and people rushed to her aid.

Singh suffered scratch marks to her face, elbow, arm, back and leg, luckily, her injuries were considered as minor by the doctors.

The current whereabouts of the leopard are still unknown.

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