Hungry Alligator Steals Florida Man’s Golf Ball And Tries To Eat It

Imagine playing golf silently and a hungry alligator decides to steal it, run away, and try to eat it, would you ever try to recover it?

A golfer from Florida did.

A golfer from the state of Florida, which is located in the USA, ended up in a very scary position when they were playing the game with the rule ‘play it as it lies’.

Marc Goldstein was playing golf at the Pelican Sound Gold Club in Estero when an errant shot left his ball rolling towards a pond, where a dangerous animal was resting.

Upon arriving at the pond, he ended up getting his phone out to record a video when he saw the ball in a place where he could not recover it.

The ball was in the mouth of an alligator, who thought it was an egg.

The video that he took shows the gator holding the ball in its mouth for a few minutes before swimming off with the item.

It was not revealed if Marc got his ball back.

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