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Husband Holds Up “I Love You” Sign Outside Wife’s Hospital Window Every Day As She Battles Coronavirus

A man from Florida, USA, is making headlines all over the world after they held up an “I love you sign” for their wife on a daily basis as she was getting treatment at a hospital after contracting the deadly coronavirus.

The husband reportedly stood outside her window every morning with a sign that said “I love you”.

56-year-old Donna Crane, who is from Port Orange, Florida, suffered a rare case of contracting the virus after getting a vaccine.

This happened a full week after she was fully vaccinated.

Donna said she was rushed to a local hospital when she experienced trouble breathing.

Gary Crane, her husband, went home and drew up a sign that said “I love you”.

He returned every morning outside the window of her wife and held the sign strong so his wife could see it.

During an interview with Good Morning America, she said:

Gary heard me gurgling at night trying to breathe. He woke me up, got the scuba tanks out of the garage and was blowing air, trying to get me to breathe that way. That wasn’t working and then he was like, “All right, we’re going to the hospital.” It is the most terrifying thing you will ever experience in your life, just laying there not being able to take a breath. 

Donna was admitted to the ICU right away and was diagnosed with double pneumonia as a result of coronavirus.

Because of strong coronavirus restrictions in the hospital, her husband was not allowed to go near her.

Talking about that, Donna said the hardest part during recovery was that she could not see her husband and nobody was there with her.

Talking about the recovery, Gary said:

It was really rough on both of us. It was the last I saw her for ten days. That was the hardest part — just not knowing. I would call the nurses and they could only give me basic stuff like her vitals.

After being turned away from the hospital, Gary said he want back home and made the sign.

The next morning, he held it up outside her room’s window, which was 10 floors up.

The husband texted her to look outside.

During an interview with CNN, he said:

I just wanted her to know that because I know she was going to be scared and I couldn’t be there with her, and I just wanted her to know that I’m there. She’s worth it, and I just wanted her to know that I was rooting for her.

Gary said he returned every morning and held the sign until she got well.

Talking about Gary, she said:

Gary coming with a sign every day to tell me he loves me was amazing. He was doing everything in his power to be there. The nurses would sit me up in the bed … let me look out the window, let me see he was there at 8 a.m. and I knew, “OK, we’re going to, we’re going to do this.”

The couple are now asking people to get vaccinated because it saves lives.

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