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Identical twins to attend University of California after earning $24 million worth of scholarship

Good things to hardworking people.

A pair of identical twins from Louisiana, USA, have earned over $24 million USD in scholarship offers from the scores of colleges to which they had applied.

Yes, the amount of money that you saw up there is correct.

Denisha and Destiny Caldwell said that they received offers from over 200 colleges and universities around the world.

They are currently preparing to graduate at the top of their classes from the Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge.

Talking about their motivation, Destiny said:

We started off competing against each other, and now we compete with each other.

Despite the large amount of options that they had, the duo decided to stay with each other and to continue their studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

The sisters said that they plan to major in math and science so they can pursue careers in the medical field.

Destiny and Denisha currently hope that their story will inspire more students to push themselves.

Talking about how to keep yourself motivated, Denisha said:

Strive to be the best that you can be, the best version of yourself. Do not let the negativity get to you.

Twins, you deserve every penny of that money. Use it well!

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