Indian Doctor Eats Cow Dung And Drinks Urine To Prove Cleansing Properties

A lot of people in India believe that cow urine and cow dung have medicinal properties, which they claim could be the cure for cancer and many other untreatable illnesses. 

The thing is, those claims are usually made by people with no degrees or any degree in medicine, but this time it was made by a doctor.

In a live video, Dr. Manoj Mittal from Karnal, India, was seen standing in a cow shed and was surrounded by a few bovines and with a cow dung cake in his hand.

As he proceeded to present the video, the doctor started to pick up small amounts of cow dung and placed them inside his mouth.

The then said that his mother used to break her fast by eating the same thing.

The doctor also said that women should eat cow dung for normal delivery of children.

At one point, he also said that taking a sip of cow urine will purify one’s body and will keep blood pressure problems at bay. 

The video went viral right away with people saying that he should not do that because he is a medical practitioner. 

What are your thoughts on the Indian doctor eating cow dung and drinking cow urine to prove that it has cleansing properties? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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