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Sikh Men Use Their Sacred Turbans To Rescue Hikers At A Canadian Park

Indian students in Canada used their sacred turbans to rescue hikers that were stuck at a park. 

The hikers accidentally slid down the face of a steep rock wall.

The 2 wayward tourists were left stranded  at the base of a waterfall in the Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada.

5 Sikh students happened to be on the scene and they decided to help the hikers by removing their turbans.

There was no cell phone service to call for outside assistance, so the students decided to do their part and save the hikers.

They used their clothing to save the hikers, who were 33 feet below them.

During an interview with NBC News, Kuljinder Kinda, a student, said:

We were trying to think how we could get them out, but we didn’t know how to. So we walked for about 10 minutes to find help and then came up with the idea to tie our turbans together.

Kuljinder went on:

In Sikhi, we are taught to help someone in any way we can with anything we have. Even our turban[s].

Such an amazing thing by the students, right? Let us know what you think about the amazing act by the students by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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