Indian Jeweler Creates Ring With 12,638 Diamonds And Sets Guinness World Record

A man from India is currently making headlines all over the world thanks to the unusual ring that they have created.

The ring that we are talking about has the most diamonds in a single ring.

Yes, the most.

The ring that we are talking about has 12,638 diamonds, which is too many to be honest.

Harshit Bansal, the founder of the Renani Jewels, which is located in Meerut, India, is the one that created the very expensive ring.

The ring was made public on December 21, 2020.

The ring is around 165 grams heavy.

The ring that we are talking about has been named The Marigold or the “Ring of Prosperity”.

It has a flower-like shape and has thousands of 38.08 carat natural diamonds, confirmed Guinness World Record.

The ring is 5.8 ounces heavy.

Bansal, the owner of the Renani Jewels, told Guinness that he got inspired to break the diamond record back in 2018 when he was studying jewelry design in Surat, India.

2 years later, the company completed the ring design.

That’s a lot of diamonds on a ring!

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