Indian Woman Who Misled Her Family For 17 Years Is Found Living In Secret With Her Relative Lover

A woman in India who misled her family for around 17 years was found living in secret with a relative of hers along with their children.

The police in Kerala, India, produced a woman, who was not named, in front of a court after a lengthy investigation at the request of her family.

According to the police, the woman moved from the village of Mannancherry in Kerala to the state of Andhra Pradesh in 2004.

She also told her family that she had a job working as a teacher there.

Kerala police officer K V Benny said:

She was in love with a relative at Mannancherry, but the family was opposed to the relationship. Later, the woman informed the family that she married an Andhra native and was living with him. Later she also severed all relations with her family. However, it created doubts in the family and they tried to find where she was hiding, but they failed.

Her lies started to unravel in 2015 when a government identification card was sent to her original house.

In the card, her relative was her husband.

The relative that we are talking about also visited the family of the woman to avoid any suspicion.

The family of the woman confronted him about the card, however he denied having any connection with her.

After her family became really suspicious about the woman, a lawsuit was filed at the High Court in India, who directed the police to investigate the case.

 The police quickly worked out that she was not living in Andhra Pradesh, instead, she was living in the city of Palakkad, where the identification card application was lodged.

They also found that the phone number on the card was fake.

Cyber investigators soon discovered that her relative lover was using a secret number to contact the woman.

The final ruling of the judge allowed her and her kids to continue living with the relative lover of her.

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