Macaque Breaks Inside Office, Sits On Working Chair, And Passes Out Just Looking Like Tired Worker

A macaque was caught on camera sleeping on a working chair after breaking inside an office after a worker spotted them.

Chang Morgan decided to drop by an empty office on their campus just to find out that he was not alone and the office was not empty.

The animal was sitting behind a desk and was sleeping, looking like a tired person on a working day who decided to take nap after their break.

It was later found out that the macaque managed to get inside after gaining entrance to the building.

The monkey does look weird inside a office, however, the authorities at the school said that the monkeys are pretty common in the area.

Huang I-Yu, the senior vice president of the university, said that macaques are really common in the area because of the fact that their campus is located near a habitat where such animal lives.

As a result, macaques explore the school and establishments that are in the area.

Huang added:

There have been multiple incidents of macaques sneaking into student dormitories and taking packages of instant noodles or disturbing belongings.

Luckily, nothing was stolen this time.

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