Man Gets Insurance Payout After Centipede Bit His Balls While He Was Asleep

A man from Taiwan who decided to strip off and have a nap on his floor woke up to find that a monster centipede had bit his balls. Ye, the man, is from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He told reporters that he was woken up by the sharp pain in his groin and when he checked up, […]


Macaque Breaks Inside Office, Sits On Working Chair, And Passes Out Just Looking Like Tired Worker

A macaque was caught on camera sleeping on a working chair after breaking inside an office after a worker spotted them. Chang Morgan decided to drop by an empty office on their campus just to find out that he was not alone and the office was not empty. The animal was sitting behind a desk […]


Taiwanese Taxi Driver Is Offering Free Rides To Passengers If They Sing Karaoke During Their Trip

A taxi driver in Taiwan is currently giving people free lifts if they sing karaoke during their short or long trip. 57-year-old Tu Ching Liang is making headlines all over the world thanks to his amazing act, which he records and shares on his YouTube channel, which is really famous. His videos have millions of […]