Man Arrested For Trying To Kill Former Boss Because He Did Not Accept Facebook Friend Request

A man from North Dakota was recently arrested by the authorities for trying to kill his former boss because they did not accept their friend request after 2 days.

The man reportedly went to the house of the boss and threatened to kill them along with repeatedly kicking their front door.

29-year-old Caleb Burczyk, the man, was charged with burglary and terrorizing on December 29, 2020.

On Christmas Evening, Caleb sent a friend request to his former boss, whose identity was not shared with the public.

Caleb’s request was not accepted, which made him send death threats.

He was quoted saying: “Accept my friend request or I’m going to murder you.”

On December 26, 2020, Caleb went on to track down his former boss.

The man also sent out threats on Snapchat and other social media platforms.

The man also posted a picture of him wearing a black vest and cap along with a long sleeve shirt.

He also said that his former boss will be needing a new door.

CCTV footage that was shared later suggested that the man was outside the house of his former boss and kicking the front door.

Caleb is due in court on January 27, 2021.1.5

His bond was set at $25,000.

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