Taiwanese Taxi Driver Is Offering Free Rides To Passengers If They Sing Karaoke During Their Trip

A taxi driver in Taiwan is currently giving people free lifts if they sing karaoke during their short or long trip.

57-year-old Tu Ching Liang is making headlines all over the world thanks to his amazing act, which he records and shares on his YouTube channel, which is really famous.

His videos have millions of views and it shows their passengers singing karaoke.

You might now now this, but karaoke taxis are pretty hot in Taiwan and some taxi applications also allow you to get them.

Despite being really famous in the country, there is no one else doing what Tu is doing, which is to film the passengers and share videos of his passengers.

He also offers freebies in return to the customers that sing.

The reason why he is famous is that there is no one in the country doing what he is.

He shares videos of his passengers singing when they are sober or drunk.

Tu said everything started 10 years ago.

The man said he would give passengers a discount if they managed to guess the name of a song.

The man has cameras set inside his cab and asks people to sing karaoke as he goes to the location.

Millions of people watch his videos and believe it or not, he is a hit in the country.

During an interview with the Guardian, the man said:

I’ve been driving a taxi for 27 years, giving money [as rewards for singing karaoke] for eight years, and filming videos for six years. I’ve filmed 10,000 videos.

The man has over 20,000 subscribers right now.

Talking about the love for singing, he said:

Taiwanese love singing. So it’s normal there are many [taxis with karaoke]. But it’s hard to both film and sing, like what I do. And police can fine me for the speakers outside. That’s also difficult.

Such an amazing thing!

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