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Man Finds Father Who Passed Away 7 Years Ago On Google Earth

A man from Japan is sharing some amazing news on social media and the entire thing about the story is just amazing.

The man that we are talking about found his father on Google Earth despite him passing away 7 years ago.

The man said he was just amazed and touched on how lucky he is.

In a statement that the man made on Twitter, he said that he decided to search up for his parents’ house on Google Earth as he was bored as a result of having nothing to do during the coronavirus pandemic.

The man ended up using Google Earth and upon realizing, something was special.

The man said in the tweet that he saw his father that passed away 7 years ago standing outside their house.

Talking about the moment, the man added:

My father must have been waiting for my mother to return home. My father was a quiet but kind man, I hope that Google Earth doesn’t update the photo for this place.

The post that the man made currently has over 600,000 favorites on Twitter.

What an amazing find by the man.

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