Man finds massive 3-meter snake curled up inside his basement

A man from Australia was left in complete shock after he found a massive 3-meter snake curled up inside his basement.

The snake was curled up next to his laundry.

Robin Ford, the man, was left in complete shock when he found the massive diamond python curled up along his basement door in Sydney, Australia.

The python that was found inside his house was not venomous, and luckily, it did not attack anyone.

According to reports, the snake was safely removed and was relocated into a nearby bushland.

The image was shared on social media and people were left in complete shock too, I mean, that’s a 3 meter snake.

Australia is home to around 140 snakes.

The snake that was found by Ford is a diamond python, they are capable of growing up to 15 kilograms and 4 meters long.

That’s one scary snake to look at.

Imagine just minding your own business and a snake that size just looking at you and hissing. Id freak you.

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