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Crocs donated 860,000 pairs of shoes to healthcare workers last year and they are going to do it again

They did it before and they’re doing it again.

Crocs is currently on their way to donate thousands of free pairs to healthcare workers so they  could do their jobs comfortably.

The shoe brand donated around 860,000 free pairs to healthcare workers last year and are doing it again because of the ongoing pandemic.

The footwear company is giving away 10,000 shoes a day.

If you are a healthcare worker, you have to sign up on their website.

The offer begun on May 10 and will end on May 14, 2021.

The website of the shoe brand says:

In 2020, Crocs donated over 860,000 free pairs of shoes to healthcare workers on the frontlines of COVID-19. Now, just one year later, there’s no better way to say thank you than by doing it all over again. From now through May 14th 2021, we’re once again GIVING AWAY 10,000 PAIRS OF CROCS AT WORK shoes a day to healthcare heroes who continue to provide comfort in our communities.

If you want to apply for their shoes, you can do so by visiting their website.

Amazing job Crocs!

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