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Man Gives Away All Of His £500,000 Lottery Winnings Because “He Felt Uncomfortable”

The art of giving.

A selfless man gave away all of his £500,000 lottery winnings because he felt uncomfortable keeping the entire winning amount  just  for himself.

Peter Charlton won £500,000 from the Tatts Lotto in Australia.

Instead of keeping everything for himself, he decided to hand it to his friends and strangers who were “struggling financially and emotionally” during this coronavirus lockdown.

He explained that he tried to get rid of his prize before anyone realized that he had won it.

During an interview with 7news, he revealed that he had bought 3  tickets in  memory of his late  uncle Charlie, who passed away recently.

He told the news channel that he was close with his uncle and that they shared a bond over playing Lotto.

He said:

Maybe uncle Charlie pulled some strings on his way out.

After getting to know that he had won, Peter reached out  to his friends, family members  and even strangers.

He offered to put some money into their bank accounts.

Talking about his kind act, he said:

My theory on it was that I’ll share it around and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Rather than people thinking I’m sitting on my goldmine, I felt more comfortable knowing that I had given it all away. So my mission was to get rid of the money before they realized that I’d won the Lotto.

Peter started to message some of his Facebook followers anonymously and offered them a cut of the winnings.

Some of the people thought that it was a   hoax.

He went on:

It was hard work getting bank details off people as they are accustom to scams and things that go on the internet. Most people conclude that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably was. It was hard work.

Eventually, the man got rid of his winnings and even placed some money on tabs in local pizza restaurants.

He also went to express checkouts at supermarkets and paid for the groceries and other shopping bills of other people.

Peter also said that he has regrets about his own past behavior and now he just loves it when he gets to help out other people.

He went on:

There’s such a pleasure in being kind and if you are in the position to do it then I think you are mad if you don’t. We are in this together and we have to look after each other where and when we can.

Such a good thing to do, right?

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