Man Who Was Reported Missing Helps In The Search For Himself Before Realizing They Were Looking For Him

Messed up, isn’t it?

Authorities  in Turkey were left in complete shock after a missing person’s search ended up with a good news, but not in the way they were expecting it to be in.

According to official reports, a man who was reported missing was found after they decided to help in the search for themselves, just to realize that they were looking for him.

Beyhan Mutlu, the Turkish man, was drinking with his pals in the rural neighborhood of Cayyaka, which is near the city of Inegol.

The 50-year-old ended up wandering into the woodlands and never came back, which sparked concern amongst his mates.

They called in the police right away, who brought in the search and rescue teams from the Bursa region to help locate the man.

The disappearance news of the man spread throughout the neighborhood right away and locals decided to join the search party so they could find the man right away.

As everyone was shouting the name of Mutlu, someone in the search party asked “who are we looking for?” also noting that his name was Mutlu.

Upon further investigation, it was found out that they were looking for him.

Every single person in the search party were left in surprise and shock when they found out that the person they were looking for was there with them.

The police said his pals also failed to recognize to identify the man himself during the search.

The good thing on the other hand is that the 50-year-old Turkish man was safe.

He was escorted by the police back to his house.

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