Man removed from flight after he groped a woman and snorting white substance

A passenger of a JetBlue flight in the United States of America was removed from the flight after they were caught snorting a white substance and for harassing another passenger.

The incident reportedly happened on a San Francisco bound JetBlue flight that was coming off New York City.

It had to be diverted to a landing in Minneapolis on Monday after an unruly passenger was caught snorting some white substance.

They also sexually harassed a passenger and were refusing to wear a mask.

The passenger was removed from the flight and was arrested by the authorities. 

A crew member of the plane also said that the man, who got arrested, was making stabbing gestures towards passengers.

A bag with suspicious substance was also found near his seat.

Mark Anthony Scerbo, 42, was arrested by the police and has been booked on suspicion of drug possession.

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport Police said that he is a resident of Mechanicville, New York City.

Passengers were left in complete shocked after they saw the man snorting a white substance.

They did that while the flight was in the air.

A crew member, who did not want to be identified, talked about what happened in the flight.

They said:

It was decided that all four flight attendants felt uncomfortable with what was going on. There was a child there. Other passengers were uncomfortable. This was the closest place to go, so we as a team made the decision to come here.

An unscheduled landing at the Minneapolis Airport was carried out in order to sort the matter.

As a result, the man was arrested by the police.

Crew members of the flight also said that the man touched one woman during the flight in an inappropriate manner.

He was also making inappropriate remarks to other female passengers.

The crew members and flight passenger said he was being racist towards other people too while shouting out racist slurs. 

Passengers of the flight, who was seated near the bathroom, said that the man was smelling awful.

They also pointed that they were repeatedly going to the bathroom and were not wearing any shoes.

No further information about the man and his current whereabouts were shared with the public. 

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