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Man That Was Seen Wearing Camp Auschwitz Hoodie During Capitol Riots Has Been Arrested

The riots at the Capitol Hill in the USA are one of the most horrific things the United States of America have ever seen.

Trump supporters terrorized Congress and as a result, people are currently being arrested, particularly the ones that were seen crashing and destroying things in the building.

5 people died in the riots earlier this year and the authorities along with people are currently trying to identify people that stormed the building.

A man was seen wearing an offensive hoodie that said ‘Camp Auschwitz, Work Brings Freedom’.

It was clear that the man was a Trump supporter and they were glorifying the actions of the Nazis, where 1.1 million men, women, and innocent children were killed in the most horrific manner.

The man that was seen wearing the Camp Auschwitz hoodie has been identified as Robert Keith Packer.

They were arrested in Virginia.

Andrew Stroehlein, the Human Rights Watch European Media Director, shared the news of Andrew on Twitter, where they said:

If you’re storming a parliament with people wearing “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirts, you know what side you’re on… These are the faces of hatred and extremism.

Good thing this man was arrested, we do not need more hate and crimes in a world that is already suffering.

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